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Fish cabinets are refrigerated display cases that are specifically designed for the storage and display of fish and other seafood products. They are commonly used in supermarkets, fish markets, and other retail establishments that sell fresh or frozen fish and seafood. Fish cabinets are typically designed to keep the interior temperature at a consistent, cool level to help preserve the freshness of the products and prolong their shelf life.

Fish cabinets are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different applications. They may have open or closed fronts, and may be equipped with features like adjustable shelving, lighting, and temperature controls to help optimize the display of the products. Some fish cabinets may also have special features like sloping or curved glass fronts, which can help to reduce reflections and improve visibility of the products.

Fish cabinets are typically powered by electricity, and use refrigerants and other cooling agents to maintain a consistent temperature. They may also be equipped with air circulation systems to help keep the air inside the cabinet fresh and prevent odors from building up.

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