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pebble ice

Welcome to the exclusive category of Ice Maker Machines specializing in small trapezoidal ‘pebbles,’ the perfect bridge between granular and cubed ice. Crafted for quick cooling and slow melting, these uniquely-shaped ice pieces not only enhance presentation but also reduce preparation time and splash, offering a superior solution for measuring ice to liquid ratios.

Additionally, they effortlessly transform into a delightful snow-like texture, adding a touch of versatility to your beverage creations.

£3,138.72 £2,615.60 (ex. VAT)
£3,629.76 £3,024.80 (ex. VAT)
£3,835.68 £3,196.40 (ex. VAT)

Ideal for a variety of establishments, our small trapezoidal 'pebble' ice maker machines cater to the specific needs of cocktail bars, cafes, fast-food outlets, pubs, and cafeterias. Their compact design and efficient performance make them a perfect fit for spaces where quick, precise, and visually appealing ice is paramount.

Whether you're crafting signature cocktails, refreshing crushes, or any iced beverages, the small trapezoidal 'pebble' ice maker machines are the key to elevating your drink presentation and providing a memorable experience for your patrons. Say goodbye to dilution concerns and hello to a perfect balance of cooling and aesthetics.

Choose the ice maker machines for small trapezoidal 'pebbles' to bring innovation and efficiency to your beverage service. Elevate the art of drink-making in your establishment, where every sip is enhanced by the unique shape and properties of this exceptional ice.

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